Sometimes "ICQ connection lost"e

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Mon Mar 30 18:13:11 BST 2009

On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 11:34:25AM +0100, TomcatOne wrote:
> sometimes i get this message:
> ICQ connection lost! Reason: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no
> frames): twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost: Connection to the other side
> was lost in a non-clean fashion.
> ]
> and then i had to reconnect to jabber.

I see this too. The ICQ transport is a bit flaky anyway (it likes to sit
and chew memory to the point that it needs restarted) so I'm uncertain
if it's a code issue or some unhappiness talking to the ICQ servers.
There's been a minor update to the transport so I've rolled that out
today; it /seems/ to have improved the memory consumption so hopefully
it'll be a bit more reliable.


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