Where the heck did my pwd go?..

Michal Wozniak mikiwoz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 11 13:40:31 BST 2007

Hi, guys

New here, so if I just *might* be missing something obvious.

I have been using jabber.earth.li as (one of my) jabber server(s) for some time now (somewhere between 1 and 2 years), and recently (about a month or two ago) I started to get those password prompts. I had my password saved within the configuration of my Jabber client (Kopete, if that matters, though I don't imagine it does), so it was quite strange...

...What was even stranger, was that my password - was rejected! And still is. I have searched the mailing list archives and stumbled upon this:
Somebody had this very same problem, and, what's more, according to
"My issue resolved off-list thanks to Jonathan McDowell :-)".

Great. Now, how can I resolve my issue, which seems to be exactly the same issue?.. My JabberID is (was?) rysiek at jabber.earth.li.


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