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Sun Feb 26 23:39:35 GMT 2006


Couldn't get the website below to load right now but I've been using  
Jabber and ichat to msn tunnel or whatever you want to call it for 6  
months plus now I would say. I've no problems at all so I can only  
guess that it is something specific on your client, what version of  
ichat are you using, do you have a dot mac account? Have you  
installed anything new on your machine during the last two weeks?  
It's not asking for your keychain password?


On 26 Feb 2006, at 21:39, Dan McCarthy wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I created a jabber account at for use with Apple's iChat  
> IM client. Traditionally, iChat used only the AIM service, but in  
> OS X 10.4 you can now use jabber accounts too. I decided it would  
> be nice to talk to my MSN and iChat buddies in the same app.
> These are the instructions I followed if anyone else is interested:
> I had it all working fine until a week or two ago, but now when I  
> try to use the server, it warns me that my password  
> is being sent in the clear. When I dismiss the warning, it asks me  
> to enter my password, which I do. It then warns me again about my  
> password being in the clear. The loop is endless.
> Does anyone know why this started happening?
> Dan
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