[E3-hacking] em2001uk

Robert Brody rbrody at mail.com
Mon Mar 18 13:46:15 GMT 2013

Ralph Corderoy <ralph <at> inputplus.co.uk> writes:

> Hi Anthony,
> > All I want is to use it as an ordinary phone.
> If Linux isn't an aim then I'll email you the contact details of the
> Emailer's designer off-list;  perhaps he can help if you contact him
> directly.
> Cheers, Ralph.

I have seen your email correspondence about the emailer. I have used one for a 
long time and found it extremely useful and I haven't found anything that does 
the same job. But - it has siezed up and doesn't recognise that it is plugged 
into a phone line and I also cannot access my fairly extensive directory and 
notes etc. Once before I managed to contact someone who knew the various key 
combinations to asist, but all lines seem to have died now.
If you can put me in touch with someone who knows the tricks to get this 
working again it will save me much time and effort in finding all the 
informnation again and I would be most grateful.
Hoping you can help
With my thanks
Robert Brody

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