[E3-hacking] Just got an e3 - where do I start

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Wed Oct 17 16:03:03 BST 2012

Hi Edward,

Thanks for coming back to us with the info from Cliff.

> If I understand correctly with PBL5.1 the machine wont accept an image
> over serial though, so this would have to be done by dialling in to
> another modem?

Is that true?  IIRC, years ago Cliff suggested one way Amstrad could
meet my interpretation of their GPL2 requirements having implemented
signing was for me to send him my image for him to sign as part of the
build process.  His implication being that I could then upload it over
serial as before?

It could be 5.1's modem-only has been established as fact and I've

Cheers, Ralph.

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