[E3-hacking] Just got an e3 - where do I start

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Fri Jul 27 16:43:18 BST 2012

Hi Edward,

> > Is it correct that no revenue is now made from the Emailer family;
> > that the premium rate numbers have been closed, etc., and whoever
> > bought the relevant part of Amstrad has no interest in operating it
> > any more?  If so, could an approach to them to make available, e.g.
> > signing key, for the benefit of those that want to tinker?  No skin
> > off their nose now and if the right person is reached it may work,
> > what with the increased prominence of the Maker movement, etc.
> This might work, though in my experience they may be prevented from
> helping simply by company policy or because the people with the
> relevant knowledge have moved on or are too busy to spend time on
> something that will generate no revenue. On the other hand it can't
> hurt to try... any idea what the best line of contact might be? Or how
> I should frame the question?

Cliff Lawson, the creator of the Emailer family, might know who owns the
rights and how to go about contacting them.  I'll send you his email
address off-list.  If they are effectively bricks without the Amstrad
infrastructure support then he may like to see them getting some use by
being opened up more.

Cheers, Ralph.

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