[E3-hacking] [PATCH v2 1/6] SoC Camera: add driver for OMAP1 camera interface

Jasmine Strong jasmine at electronpusher.org
Sat Sep 11 03:06:02 BST 2010

On 10 Sep 2010, at 18:21, Janusz Krzysztofik wrote:

>  Both paths work stable for me, even 
> under heavy load, on my OMAP1510 based Amstrad Delta videophone, that is the 
> oldest, least powerfull OMAP1 implementation.

You say that, but the ARM925 in OMAP1510 is known not to exhibit the bug in OMAP1610, which causes severe slowdown to DRAM writes when the first address of an STM instruction is not aligned to a d-cache line boundary.  This means that at least last time I looked, the Linux ARM memcpy() implementation is often faster on 1510 than 1610.


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