[E3-hacking] Support status update

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Mon May 17 21:33:49 BST 2010


As linux-2.6.34 is out, a few words on what's new regarding our E3's.

Modem support and dependant audio mixer functionality, that got broken in 
2.6.33, have been corrected and should work again.

Contrast control has been added (not extremely usefull, but just for 
completeness). You should be able to play with it by writing 
to /sys/class/lcd/omapfb/contrast and /sys/class/lcd/omapfb/lcd_power. 
Unfortunatelly, I failed to get the updated ams_delta_defconfig included, so 
you have to select this manually for now:

	Device Drivers  --->
	  Graphics support  --->
	    [*] Backlight & LCD device support  --->
	      <*>   Lowlevel LCD controls

For the same reason, you may have to make more corrections to the default 
configuration if you would still like to use the new kernel together with old 
installation tools, otherwise the resulting uImage would probably be too big. 
Try these changes that got accepted too late for inclusion:

	General setup  --->
	  RCU Subsystem  --->
	    RCU Implementation  --->
	      (X) Preemptable tree-based hierarchical RCU

	[*] Enable the block layer  --->
	  [ ]   Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files

	Kernel hacking  --->
	  [ ] Verbose BUG() reporting (adds 70K)

That's all for 2.6.34. The long awaited external keyboard support is already 
present in linux-omap and should appear in mainline as soon as 2.6.35-rc1 is 

BTW, my 12-bit framebuffer display support has been accepted and included in 
mplayer svn revision 31139 on May 6th. Using it, I can enjoy a prescaled 
422x316 5fps MSMPEG-4 encoded live video stream playing fluently in 
fullscreen mode on my E3 display.


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