[E3-hacking] [RFC] ams_delta_defconfig modification proposal: use LZMA for kernel compression

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Tue Jun 1 00:01:45 BST 2010


Since 2.6.35-rc1 is out, I've already started working on updated 
ams_delta_defconfig, to get it ready for inclusion on time.

As usually with every new release lately, the current ams_delta_defconfig, 
even with modifications that I failed to push for 2.6.34 already integrated, 
gives a kernel that is too big for our old boot loader. From my previous 
experience I can tell that it should be at most 1795kB to boot without 
problems. For bigger kernels, I always get kernel checksum verification error 
reported by u-boot. That's why I fiddle with defconfig for every new release.

Starting with 2.6.35, there is a chance we can get a defconfig that will 
result in small enough krenel (1348kB instead of 1812kB) for several releases 
without touching it now and again. For this, we should use LZMA method for 
kernel image compression instead of previous GZIP. The drawback is that it 
will take extra several seconds to decompress the kernel while booting. I 
hope this extra delay will be acceptable for you.

If anyone has any other idea how we could modify the current (2.6.34 or 
2.6.35-rc1) ams_delta_defconfig for smaller kernel, than please post it here.


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