[E3-hacking] [MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC][PATCH v2] Add support for 12-bit color mode.

Janusz Krzysztofik jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl
Sat Apr 3 23:49:31 BST 2010

Saturday 03 April 2010 18:10:51 Peter Korsgaard napisał(a):
> >>>>> "Janusz" == Janusz Krzysztofik <jkrzyszt at tis.icnet.pl> writes:
> Hi,
>  Janusz> First, you need a hardware that supports 12-bit graphics mode,
>  Janusz> I guess. I'm not aware of any such machines/graphics adapters
>  Janusz> except for Amstrad E3 (Delta), but I may be wrong.
> The old Compaq Ipaqs also had 12bit LCDs - I have one in a drawer
> somewhere.
> http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/10632_na/10632_na.HTML


It looks promissing. Is your unit already running Linux? If yes, would you be 
able to compile and install software on it, ie. recent svn revision of 


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