[E3-hacking] pblq 0.3.pre1

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Nov 30 19:18:33 GMT 2008

Dave Mills wrote:
> I'm using the paranoid serial cable from the wiki:
> http://wiki.earth.li/Serial_cable_for_the_paranoid

Ah --- I see the problem!

The E2 and the E3 need *different* serial cables! The E2 uses TTL, while
the E3 uses *inverted* TTL (0V for logic 1 and 5V for logic 0).

(In fact, strictly you should use a MAX232-ish circuit for the E3 as
well; it emits 0V for logic 1, which isn't <-3V as the RS232 spec
decrees, but most PC serial ports seem to cope anyway. I just plug mine
straight in with no circuitry, using a cable for an old Canon digital
camera --- sorry, can't find it to get the exact pinout; the cable, with
a 9-pin serial plug on one end and a stereo jack on the other, would
have had exactly the right pinout had I not chopped it up to look at the

> I'll give pblq2 a try again to see if that talks to the E2, with my
> setup. It didn't compile with gcc4 when I tried, then I saw your update
> was out and didn't try again with pblq2.

If you're playing with an E3 you're probably better off with pbltool. It
does pretty much the same job, but is known to work on an E3, and is all
nicely streamlined into the Linux distro.

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