[E3-hacking] Running an IRC bot on the E3 ~ OT

Jasmine Strong jasmine at electronpusher.org
Sat Aug 9 18:47:57 BST 2008

On 9 Aug 2008, at 10:30, Matt Evans wrote:
> Of course it was an impulse buy and I don't actually have a use for it
> yet, but I figure something will occur... :D  (MythTV/DVB MPEG2 player
> for upstairs over WiFi, or playstation emulator or something?) :)

I was planning to use one as a desktop PC.  Given that all I ever seem
to do on my desktop machine is play video, read email and surf web,
there's very little I couldn't do on a Cortex-A8 at less than one watt,
that I can do on this Mac at a couple of hundred...


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