[E3-hacking] Running an IRC bot on the E3 ~ OT

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Sat Aug 9 15:21:41 BST 2008

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 11:09:34AM +0100, Don Alexander wrote:
> Jasmine Strong wrote:
> > On 7 Aug 2008, at 00:00, Deli Geng (David) wrote:
> >> Sorry for hijacking this thread. I just wonder if there is any
> >> chance to convert the E3 into a video conference station? If so,
> >> what software  do I need to install on E3?
> > Sadly the E3's a bit underpowered for that kind of thing.  You could
> > try Ekiga but it'll be really slow.
> Does make one wonder the original purpose of selling the E3 as a video
> phone. Surely if it was good enough to send video over phone lines it
> must have enough juice to do (albeit slow) video over internet? Would be
> interesting to see what could be achieved.

The DSP half of the OMAP is used for the codec stuff I believe. Assuming
you can write the appropriate DSP code I can't see why it shouldn't be
capable of acting as an IP video phone.

Of course we still haven't got full duplex sound working with the
handset, which is a major stumbling block. I'd meant to play with the
evilness of talking to it over the modem chip some more; I'd had success
with half duplex and wondered if upping the baud rate might allow full

> Speaking of getting sidetracked, has anyone thought of porting any of
> the Open Embedded stuff over to the E3. Could spur on some much needed
> development in this area methinks.

On my todo list (which never gets any smaller) I have looking at
updating to recent u-boot; checking latest kernels compile and updating
to the latest OpenEmbedded (probably using EABI). Or maybe Emdebian, but
I think it's a bit big to install to the internal flash still.


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