[E3-hacking] Running an IRC bot on the E3

Deli Geng (David) deli.geng at durham.ac.uk
Thu Aug 7 08:00:28 BST 2008

Sorry for hijacking this thread. I just wonder if there is any chance to
convert the E3 into a video conference station? If so, what software do I
need to install on E3? Many thanks, David

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2008/8/7 Jamie Powell <jamie_p84 at yahoo.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm something of a Linux newbie so be generous. :)
> I'm running busybox on my E3 as per the wiki and I also have a Pegasus USB
> Ethernet adapter working with a static IP on my LAN.
> Can anyone tell me:
> - What is the command to auto-configure the E3's IP address via dhcp?

You will need to run a dhcp client. Depending on the busybox
configuration, it may be built in (It's been a while since I booted by
udhcpc -i <INTERFACE>
where <INTERFACE> is the name of your ethernet interface (probably usb0 or

If that doesn't work, try:
busybox udhcpc -i <INTERFACE>

> - Can I turn off the E3's LCD screen and just enter commands via telnet?

Not sure if you can turn off the LCD, but you can probably turn off
the backlight. Not too sure how though.
If you run a telnet daemon (again, this may be already compiled into
busybox), or better still sshd (dropbear) on the E3, then you should
be able to log in via telnet/ssh

> - How can I compile and run Energymech (an IRC bot)?

You will need to set up a cross-compile environment. I used
scratchbox, but others on this list have used openembedded

> - How can I run dircproxy (a caching IRC proxy server)?

Again, you will need to set up a cross-compile environment
> In the case of dircproxy, I already transferred an ARM binary to the E3
> wget, chmod 777 and tried to run it, but I just got a 'permission denied'
> error.

This could be because the binary is for the wrong ARM architecture or,
more likely, it was built using libc rather than uClibc.

> Would be grateful for any info.
> Thanks :)

Hope that's of some help.


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