[E3-hacking] Power supply parameters.

Alexander hri-news at yandex.ru
Sun Oct 7 09:39:00 BST 2007

07 ÏËÔÑÂÒÑ 2007 Ç. David Given ???????:
> Having finally been able to check...
> The E3 power supply is model EM3002A and provides 33.5V, 200mA.
> The E2 power supply is model EM2001A and provides 28V, 280mA.
> I list the model numbers because they're otherwise identical, even to the
> connector. Obviously by the fact that your E3 is running on the E2 supply
> there's a certain amount of safety margin, but still, you may want to be
> careful. (I certainly wouldn't want to try it the other way round.)

Thank you!
The seller sent a separate power supply premise to reduce the total cost of 
forwarding. I expect it the other day.
However, in general it works with the power supply of E2.

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