[E3-hacking] Keymap

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at e3.open.source.it
Sun Mar 25 11:32:06 BST 2007

On Saturday 24 March 2007 11:53, Stephen Bowyer wrote:

> Hi.
> Once I managed to boot Linux on my E3 I was quite frustrated with the
> default keymap. I found a keymap in linux-2.4.18-mv30-E3.tar.bz2, but it
> took me a while to figure out how to convert it to a busybox compatible
> binary kmap file.
> I've put the busybox compatible and original keymaps online, incase
> they're of any use to anybody.
> http://widearea.org/ste/amse3/delta.kmap
> http://widearea.org/ste/amse3/ams_delta_keymap.map

Oh, splendid!  This has been bugging me, too, every time I've tried fiddling 
with my E3 since getting Linux on to it.

Try to type any sensible commands without a - or / has been near impossible :)


"The joy of X!!??  I've always hated compiling graphical shite.  You have a 10 
line program, and it ends up depending on the entire known universe."

 - Philip Hands

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