[E3-hacking] Native build environment

Martin Whitaker e3hacking at whitakernet.com
Sat Mar 3 21:45:46 GMT 2007

Hi Folks,

In response to the people asking how I built libspectrum / fuse, and in
response to a few people who've asked me (outside of this mailing list) how
to get started building applications for the E3 I've put together a

This 'how-to' caters for both Windows-only and Linux users and is aimed at
people without a huge amount of Linux experience who don't want to deal with
the hassle of cross compiling. I'm not saying cross compiling isn't the best
way of doing it, I'm just giving an alternative.

The location of the guide is: http://www.whitakernet.com/e3/

There is also a link to a quick 'how-to' specific to building libspectrum
and  Fuse, which includes the nasty hacks I did to it to get it running on
the E3 (sorry Phil - I never did get chance to tidy it up!).

I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who uses this system, there are almost
certainly still problems with it so do let me know when things either do or
don't work.


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