[E3-hacking] Newbie E3 owner

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Wed Jul 11 17:37:36 BST 2007

Quoting "Craig M. Ling" <craig.ling at gmail.com>:

> Hi Guys
> I have been following these posts long enough now for me to actually want to
> dig out my E3 and begin work.
> Is there a place with a definitive guide to do this, including a schematic
> for the cable?
> Regards

I made the cable at http://wiki.earth.li/Serial_cable_for_the_paranoid  
from entirely new parts, about £5 from Maplin including some hugely  
overpriced cable I think it was.

To try it out, I flashed my E3 using the guide at  

Both are linked to from http://wiki.earth.li/E3

No obvious guide for making your own ROMs though, so I plan to figure  
that out for myself next :)


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