[E3-hacking] An E3 which thinks it's a Spectrum!

David Reynolds lists at davidreynolds.me.uk
Thu Feb 15 22:53:02 GMT 2007

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 02:59:25PM -0000, Martin Whitaker wrote:
> With regards to compiling... I've given up with cross compiling - I got fed
> up with little things taking hours of faffing to make work. Chris Steel
> (also on this mailing list) provided me with a cross compiled rootfs
> containing gcc-4.1.1 and glibc-2.5 for native building (although I guess you
> could get buildroot to provide you with this - there certainly has been a
> working E3 buildroot config at some point). I mount the rootfs over an NFS
> mount (from bootup using root=nfs nfsroot=...) and also enable swap over NFS
> (it sounds worse than it is). I then configure and build everything
> natively.

Any chance of making the rootfs available?

> Most packages configure and compile in under a couple of hours, and so far
> very few packages have required any changes to get them to build properly.
> Chris suggested I get distcc running to speed things up a bit, so far I
> haven't felt the need though.
> I'm not saying this is the best way of donig things, however it suits me and
> keeps it all at a level I can still understand :-)

It certainly sounds like an interesting and fairly simple for a
beginnner like me to get to grips with :)



David Reynolds
david at reynoldsfamily.org.uk

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