[E3-hacking] An E3 which thinks it's a Spectrum!

Martin Whitaker e3hacking at whitakernet.com
Tue Feb 13 22:16:53 GMT 2007

I've been playing with the E3 some more and couldn't resist compiling
libspectrum and Fuse for it (from

It runs it at about original speed, however it's going flat-out doing that
and increasing the emulation speed above 100% seems to make little

A couple of screen-shots are at:


I had to make a few simple changes to Fuse to get it to work with the
strange resolution framebuffer of the e3. If anyone wants to build Fuse
themselves let me know and I'll post the patches here.

All of this is totally pointless, of course, but it bought back memories
typing single-keystroke commands using a rubber keyboard!!!

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