[E3-hacking] v2 release

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Tue Sep 19 23:40:11 BST 2006

I've just given the v2 release a try --- impressive stuff! The download Just
Worked. No more faffing around with serial downloads every time I want to boot
the thing, hurrah. It's also really nice to have a real boot loader. Plus,
thanks to the magic of jffs2 there's an astonishing amount of root file system

A few minor quibbles:

- Busybox's loadkmap is very stupid and can't cope with my ASCII keymap table.
(It also wants to refer to the obsolete /dev/vc/0.) I can't figure out how to
compile my keymap, or even if such a concept makes sense these days.

- Is there an ipkg feed available where I can get iwconfig? I've tried the
same feed that I use for my NSLU2, but it's not compatible. The statically
compiled version I built myself (I couldn't make a dynamically compiled
version to work) is over five megabytes. Ho hum.

- OpenEmbedded wants to rebuild monotone's roster cache. Apparently this is
going to take about four hours.

Currently I'm trying to build a working zd1201 driver for wireless networking,
which is involving some entertaining messing around with cross compilers ---
it's suprisingly hard to find a decent cross compiler package for Debian.

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