[E3-hacking] [PATCH] Camera Driver

Matt Callow mattcallow at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 9 18:25:59 BST 2006

Matt Callow wrote:
> Finally I've (hopefully) got the camera driver ready for release. I've
> been short of time recently, so I've not had much time to work on it.
> The driver basically works, but there are a few known issues:
> - colours are wrong for CIF images
> - clock calculation is broken (probably causes the wrong colours)
> - pixel formats are not configurable
> - lots of controls aren't implemented
> that said, it does work (for me) and I thought people may be able to
> make use of what I've done so far.
> It's a patch against 2.6.16-omap2. I've not had time to update to 2.6.17
> yet but I expect it will apply to 2.6.17 as well - let me know how you
> get on.
> You'll need to enable 'Device Driver/Multimedia Devices/Video For Linux'
> Then 'OMAP Camera Support' and 'OV6650 sensor support'
> I've also attached a test program which may be of use. Compile it, copy
> the binary to the e3 and then run:
> v4ltest --size=1 display
> to get the camera image displayed on the e3 screen.
> Try:
> v4ltest -h
> for other options
> Matt
Original email is awaiting moderator approval (too big), so in the
meantime I've put the files here:



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