[E3-hacking] Why won't my E3 boot?

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Mon Sep 4 22:22:39 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 22:15 +0100, Matt Callow wrote:
> Jon Masters wrote:
> > 
> > Sleeps for one second until a network device pops up, then tries using
> > it. It'll still be ultimately better to pivot into an NFS root since
> > that's cleaner than using this hack :-)
> I agree, but this was quick and easy. And it allows me to continue
> testing the camera driver.

Oh sure, I'm not disagreeing :-)

Actually, I've decided to revive my interest in the E3 now I'm not
working for a certain embedded company. I'm leaving the country in a few
weeks so I'm looking to pick up a couple more E3s to take apart and use
for various purposes (some similar to its original function)...

I'm watching some ebay auctions at the moment (I have only one E3 now
and it's in pieces) since I don't have a handy Tesco and most other
highstreet retailers seem to be fresh out now.


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