[E3-hacking] Why won't my E3 boot?

Matt Callow matt.callow at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 12:21:59 BST 2006

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> This is something of a guess, but:
> Building drivers into the kernel doesn't guarantee the order that 
> they'll be initialised in, and the kernel won't block on enumerating the 
> USB bus. If you have the camera module built-in, then it may end up 
> altering timing in such a way that the USB device doesn't get bound 
> until after the kernel has done IP config. The standard way around this 
> is to have a ramdisk that loops until the expected devices are found.
Interesting theory. So maybe I should try booting from a ramdisk and 
then see if the Ethernet works after root has been mounted. That should 
tell me if it's a timing issue or a more serious problem re: interaction 
of the camera driver and usb


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