[E3-hacking] Removing people who don't want to be here

James Tinmouth james-amstrad at emailblock.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 13:49:23 BST 2006

>> > What gets me is the unsub instructions are in the HEADERS!! FFS!!!
>> errr... as in they're pretty easy to see for the pillocks who want off, not
>> the other way around. (must remember to proof read all posts!!)
> No no! Surely you meant your first, rational, sensible way round?
> This second way of putting it makes no sense. Why would sig info be in
> the headers?
> Who looks there?

Nee sorry I did mean that in the headers makes sense. I didn't really say it
the wrong way around, just wasn't clear what I was FFSing at ;)

I thought it was common that conventional mailing lists have the unsub details
in the header. Maybe it's cos I've got a mail reader that understands them and
gives a link to unsub on every mail.

TBH anyone who says "REMOVE ME PRICK" would probably not read the unsub
details even if they were in bazillion point bold at the top of every post


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