[E3-hacking] Removing people who don't want to be here

James Tinmouth james-amstrad at emailblock.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 12:51:55 BST 2006

>>> Maybe Jonathan should add "We WILL NOT discuss about UNLOCKING your
>>> E3, so get lost" to the mailing list description ?
>> I've already had to add something similar to my webpage about the E3 as
>> I was getting numerous requests from people for this. I've added a line
>> to the list description indicating such discussion is off topic.
> LOL all fair enough, but I do wish it wasn't off topic ;)
> What gets me is the unsub instructions are in the HEADERS!! FFS!!!

errr... as in they're pretty easy to see for the pillocks who want off, not
the other way around. (must remember to proof read all posts!!)

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