[E3-hacking] Compiling Apps

Luke Schneider binox at binox.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 4 19:42:03 BST 2006

Since you CAN compile code on the E3, where would I get gcc for use on the 
I'm going to be getting an E3 especially for use with linux (to sit next to 
my actual E3 which I use as a phone).
I don't have any experience setting up a cross compiler, so if there is any 
instructions for setting up a cross compiler under linux I'd like that too 


> Well, I've had Debian running on the E3, and for a stunt I tried compiling 
> a
> kernel; it took about four hours. (Look in the list archives for "Debian
> report" for the exact figures.) While it's still faster than the Sun
> workstations I learnt to program on, personally I'd be happier 
> cross-compiling.
> Incidentally, I also have an NSLU2, which is a similar specced ARM device 
> with
> 32MB and a USB 2 disk. Trying to compile C++ on that more or less kills it
> stone dead. Trying to compile a 4000 line C++ program took, basically, all
> day; I think this is because the C++ compiler's working set is too big to 
> fit
> in RAM, which means its thrashing the swap continuously. So given that the 
> E3
> has a USB 1 connection, making for ludicrously slow swap, things would be 
> even
> worse on it.

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