[E3-hacking] E3 Memory Map?

David J. Singer doc at deadvirgins.org.uk
Wed May 17 19:07:53 BST 2006

Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> It's all been discussed on the list before. The archives are publicly
> available; it's well worth going back and reading through them.

Well, as I said in my original posting, I *did* spend some time looking though 
both the archives and the wiki.  I guess, being comparatively new to all 
this, it just isn't as obvious to me as it is to you "old hands".  Hence my 
suggestion that it would be good to have it clearly shown in the wiki for 
when the next akward b*gger like me comes along! :)

In any case, thankyou for your replies. I have a much better idea of what's 
going on now. 

Incidently, I wasn't joking when I said I had the datasheet for the camera. 

I can't remember offhand who said they were working on it (Matt, perhaps!?)
In any case, email me if you'd like me to forward it.

David J. Singer
doc at deadvirgins.org.uk
"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

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