[E3-hacking] keypad layout

Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Fri Mar 31 17:57:24 BST 2006

Oh right! I assumed (dangerous I know) that you had both working. The
buttons on the top are really a bit pointless for the purposes of Linux use
(though I guess they're easy to read ;-)

Sadly the way PS/2 works is that the keyboard controller itself, not the
main ARM is the clock master and it does comms at something like 70K so the
interrupt handler needs to be fairly responsive to not risk missing a pulse
when it is "talking". In the end we had to apply FIQ patches to the kernel
and do the PS/2 on a FIQ handler to get it reliable enough so it would
interwork with the modem interrupts which also need fairly fast response as


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