[E3-hacking] Mass storage on the E3

Don Alexander pik-dev at roosoft.ltd.uk
Wed Mar 22 16:01:20 GMT 2006

Scot McSweeney-Roberts wrote:
> Jasmine Strong wrote:
>> On 22 Mar 2006, at 11:45, Scot McSweeney-Roberts wrote:
>>> But X gives you networking, so you can run the apps on something 
>>> with a lot more power and access them via the E3. If you don't mind 
>>> the E3 no longer being a stand alone machine then the networking 
>>> potential of X brings a lot of possibilities.
>> If that's what you're after, NX or VNC would be far more appropriate.
> But NX sits on top of X, ie the client needs a local X Server. I suppose
> you could write a direct to framebuffer NX client, but then you'd have
> effectively written an X Server with the compressed X tricks of NX built
> in.
> VNC is (usually) "all or nothing" - the entire desktop would be served
> from the server, with X you can pick and choose what runs where (so you
> can still have local X apps if appropriate). While VNC can allegedly be
> bashed into serving just applications, I've never seen this done (I've
> only ever seen it listed as a suggestion for future improvement to VNC
> servers and clients).

Umm maybe I am just being a bit naive about all this but is there any
reason one cannot use Nano-X (http://www.microwindows.org/) seems to
work of other platforms?

Just a thought.


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