[E3-hacking] Mass storage on the E3

Scot McSweeney-Roberts scot at mcsweeney-roberts.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 10:45:47 GMT 2006

jasmine at electronpusher.org wrote:

> OMAPs pre-OMAP2420 suck at X font rendering, universally, though I 
> agree that on small screens they're not quite as bad.  As for the E3, 
> the very slow screen makes mouse pointers really, really unpleasant to 
> use.

But do you really need a mouse? If you tailor the applications and 
window manager for keyboard use then sucky mouse pointer performance 
shouldn't matter. If an app has been written with accessibility in mind, 
then it should already be usable with just a keyboard.

> Also, X uses far too much RAM, and X applications tend to use too much 
> floating point maths (ie., any at all) for the 925 to perform 
> adequately. On top of that, there's the appalling memcpy() performance 
> of ARM9 cores to consider.

But X gives you networking, so you can run the apps on something with a 
lot more power and access them via the E3. If you don't mind the E3 no 
longer being a stand alone machine then the networking potential of X 
brings a lot of possibilities.


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