[E3-hacking] Cleaned up patches inc LCD support.

Matt Callow mc-spam at tesco.net
Mon Mar 6 18:08:09 GMT 2006

> Excellent. I'd mapped it in in my patch, but not got round to
> registering it with the 8250 driver. That's something I can cross off my
> todo list. Do you have a patch to enable this I can add?
I'll sort one out.
> Currently I'm working on the boot process. I have u-boot supporting the
> E3 NAND flash now, and reading the jffs2 fs (though very slowly; I think
> I might try the kernel just in raw NAND). You can see a basic boot at:
> http://pastebin.ca/44626
Great. I guess loading the kernel from raw NAND will be fine as long as you can handle back blocks?
Have you considered making calls to the PBL to read the NAND? There is a program for the e2 (e2-monitor) which does this. You'd have to find the address to call, but I see you've already done some disassembly of PBL.
> I'm going to try wrapping u-boot up in a LDR block to see if I can get
> PBL to load it, leading to a standalone boot process hopefully.
Now that will be good...
> Does anyone still have an E3 running 2.4 with shell access working? Any
> chance of giving me the output of /proc/dfd with the phone on and off
> hook? I'm guessing the hook switch hangs off a GPIO line.
On Hook:
GPIO_DATA_INPUT            =0xfb93
GPIO_DATA_INPUT bits 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1

Off Hook:
GPIO_DATA_INPUT            =0xfb83
GPIO_DATA_INPUT bits 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

I also tested the other keys and found:
RECALL released/pressed GPIO_DATA_INPUT   =0xfb93/0x7b93
REDIAL/P released/pressed GPIO_DATA_INPUT =0xfb93/0xbb93
> > Chris Lawson hinted that the codec is connected to one of the DSP
> Cliff. ;)
Sorry Cliff!
> AMS_DELTA_LATCH2_MODEM_CODEC isn't what you're looking for, is it?
Thats probably the one. Thanks!


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