[E3-hacking] Cleaned up patches inc LCD support.

Matt Callow mc-spam at tesco.net
Mon Mar 6 14:13:36 GMT 2006

> Ok. I've spent a while trying to clean up the patchset and work out what
> was required and what wasn't for the kernel. These are now all up at:
> http://the.earth.li/pub/e3/2.6.15/
That's great. I have it all running on my e3 now. Thanks to everyone who has helped to get this far.

I've started trying to get the internal modem to work. I can talk to it via ttyS1 and can do normal modem stuff with it. Haven't managed to use it as a phone yet though.
Chris Lawson hinted that the codec is connected to one of the DSP serial ports, but the data sheet for the modem shows the codec connected directly to the modem. Is there a switch somewhere (in on the the latches) to control what the codec is connected to?


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