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Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 19:41:37 GMT 2006

--- Cliff Lawson <clawson at amstrad.com> wrote:

> Damn, I wish our h/w designers had told us about these aic23 (who he?) on
> the board - to think of all those weeks and months we wasted developing DSP
> software to drive the modem codec through McBSP1 when there was a far easier
> solution sitting there on the board unused. It must be a VERY small chip
> though as it's managing to hide in both the schematics and a visual
> observation of the actual board!

I'm just reporting what the I2C adapter told me, it's not my fault it's broken ;). Being serious,
I'm surprised that it reported that the got an ack from the address of the aic23 code chip if
there isn’t one there, are there any I2C devices on the E3? If there was no device at the address
I would expect either a nack which would mean that the aic23 codec driver would fail it's attach,
or the bus operation would time out (if there was no pull-ups on the I2C bus).

Also please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm new to OMAP's, but isn't the DSP public peripheral bus
available to the MPU via the MPUI and both MsBSP1 & 3 are on the DSP public peripheral bus so you
don't need the DSP to use them.


> Cliff
> > -----Original Message-----
> > 
> > I'm talking about the aic23 stero codec which the E3 seems to 
> > have 2 of ?! You don't need the DSP
> > either as the BSP that sends the sound samples (via I2S) can 
> > be mapped to either the DSP or the
> > CPU. 
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