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Kevin O'Donovan kev at coastalcontainer.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 13:59:23 BST 2006

Damn shame. I write software for a worldwide shipping group, and the list of
people I might phone is huge, as is the average length of a telephone
number. The emailer's address book would be ideal for my office phone.


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Funny thing is that in the most recent software we put in loads of effort to
make an "overseas mode" which would allow the end user to configure their
own mail service and ISP phone numbers etc. with a view to being able to
sell the units overseas (or even domestically) at a small upfront hardware
profit and then no ongoing usage costs (cos you got to say which phone
number it would call for email) but the "suits" then decided not to make use
of this facility. Ho hum.


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> From: Kevin O'Donovan [mailto:kev at coastalcontainer.co.uk]
> >From what Cliff said, it sounds like it will. It's a real
> shame there isn't
> an option to buy an unsubsidised one, but I can see why amstrad might 
> not want to take that route. If my emailer had been dialling out daily 
> since I bought it, it would have cost me about £250 by now, since it 
> was about £100 to buy back then.

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