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Kevin O'Donovan kev at coastalcontainer.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 10:32:34 BST 2006

Can anyone confirm that? I like the emailers for the combination of easy to
use address book and the digital answering machine - I've not seen anything
else that combines the two so well. I don't use the email at all - even if
it wasn't overpriced, I've got my own mailserver at home, so... I'd like to
upgrade to the E3 at home, and also buy one for work, but at home I refuse
to pay for so frequent calls for a service I'm not using, and at work
premium calls require going through an operator. The emailer I've got at
home certainly does involve paying for the email checks, and I was under the
impression that the E3 was the same, except with a more frequent minimum
period for calling home. I realise the cost of the E3 is subsidised, but I
for one would welcome the chance to pay more for a version that didn't have
the limitiations...


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Gerard Jemitus wrote:
> *I know you're mainly into more esoteric hacking on this phone, but as 
> a starter..... is it possible to get rid of the automated daily email 
> calls, and just use it as a phone, forget all the overpriced email, 
> sms etc...... **I know you can reduce the frequency of the calls, but 
> how about getting rid of them completely??? Any ideas??*

Nah, we tend to just rip out Amstrad's software completely and replace it.
You could probably set something up involving another computer and a modem
which pretended to be Amstrad's server, but I doubt it would be worth the

Incidentally, the daily call is to a freephone number --- IIRC, the emailer
will never charge you money unless you press the Send/Receive button. The
email notification flashing light is done using a nifty caller-ID trick
which doesn't involve making an actual telephone call. So provided you let
it download its advertisements, it should go on working as a simple phone

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