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David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Jul 16 01:34:38 BST 2006

Gerard Jemitus wrote:
> *I know you're mainly into more esoteric hacking on this phone, but as a
> starter..... is it possible to get rid of the automated daily email
> calls, and just use it as a phone, forget all the overpriced email, sms
> etc...... **I know you can reduce the frequency of the calls, but how
> about getting rid of them completely??? Any ideas??*

Nah, we tend to just rip out Amstrad's software completely and replace it. You
could probably set something up involving another computer and a modem which
pretended to be Amstrad's server, but I doubt it would be worth the effort.

Incidentally, the daily call is to a freephone number --- IIRC, the emailer
will never charge you money unless you press the Send/Receive button. The
email notification flashing light is done using a nifty caller-ID trick which
doesn't involve making an actual telephone call. So provided you let it
download its advertisements, it should go on working as a simple phone

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