[E3-hacking] Another small step ....

Jasmine Strong jasmine at electronpusher.org
Tue Jan 31 02:00:03 GMT 2006

On 31 Jan 2006, at 02:54, mark wrote:

> Hi,
> I now have compiled C code running happily on the E3 but only in SRAM,
> for some reason the SDRAM isn't happy on my phone at the moment.

You need to set up the clocks and make sure the PLLs have stabilized
before you write to SDRAM.   The clock tree starts in the UPLD, so
you need that to be set up right. You also need to set up the SDRC  
correctly.  OMAP will do refresh cycles and all that jazz for you, so  
no need
to worry about that as long as the SDRC regs are set up right.


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