[E3-hacking] Hello! (and cheap E3s)

Chris Tingley chris at etingley.com
Tue Jan 24 00:23:58 GMT 2006


Managed to pick up the last E3 from Argos this morning for £30 - all  
seems in order, it even came with a free game pad!!

Had a chat with a couple of knowledgeable guys from the department to  
strengthen my understanding of embedded linux etc.  They had a little  
read up on some of the components used in the E3 and seem to believe  
that it is definitely possible to get a kernel and file system on the  

Now starts the learning curve.  I presume that the general aim is to  
overwrite the linux kernel and then mount a file system (perhaps  
through a usb memory device rather than using the onboard flash?)  
which will then allow software to be run on the system.  I also  
assume that if the kernel is compiled with the correct libraries for  
the processor being used, then stuff like lcd and camera support (and  
ethernet - see below?) will work pretty easily.  Please correct me if  
I am wrong.

Also, does anyone know if the mainboard has ethernet capacity - i  
know there is no ethernet port - but does the board support this?  If  
it does, i imagine it to be a trivial task to solder a RJ45 socket  
on.  I presume that this would also allow booting over a network??

As I mentioned before, my linux knowledge is pretty poor, but I feel  
sure that I can get to grips with it pretty quick, so I ask again if  
anyone has any good material to start reading from?

PS. Didn't see Kev today, but I'll be sure to pass the message on!! :)

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