[E3-hacking] Cheap emailers

James Tinmouth james-amstrad at emailblock.co.uk
Sat Jan 14 19:59:22 GMT 2006

> I've just bought a couple of the E3 emailers at Toys R
> Us. They have them on sale at £29.95 each. I hope to
> be doing a little bit of hacking on them in the near future...

I've just bought mine from Argos - they're ~£30 there too. Interestingly the
Amstrad site says they're "around £29" but not many places seem to have them
for that price yet.

I'm a bit disappointed though that it doesn't even work as a plain old phone
until you register! I thought at the very least I'd have a working phone if I
couldn't do anything else with it!

I'm going to attempt Jonathan's method of using Asterisk to get the E3 to call
a machine with a modem on it and see if I can get the phone to think it's
registeed, but I think that might be a tall order. I'll let the list know how
it goes, and no doubt be back for advice!!


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