[E3-hacking] FB driver update + sound?!

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 28 08:59:52 GMT 2006

Just to let you all know that I am still working on the FB driver :). I have the LCD lit up in a
nice all over turquoise colour but no Penguin and nothing I do seems to change that :(. The LCD
registers have almost the same settings (one of the unused bits is set in my driver which wasn't
set in the 2.4 kernel, but I can't see in the code where it could be set). I get 3 interrupts from
the FB which looks about right as once it is up and running it's frame interrupt is disabled.

The other news is that I have built all the sound stuff ok and I think it is working as the DMA
interrupts go up, but all I have done so far is to 'cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp' which makes some
difference to the noise, but as the unit is always generating noise I don't know if it is playing
my noise or its normal noise! I will hopefully have time to test it with mpeg321 tonight. If it
doesn't work then I guess there is a bit in the latch that I need to set to switch on the output


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