[E3-hacking] Keypress output

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Mon Feb 27 19:39:20 GMT 2006

On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 05:54:26PM +0000, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 05:47:31PM +0000, Matt Callow wrote:
> > > Can someone running the 2.6 kernel try pushing the q and j keys on their
> > > E3 keyboard (the one on the device, not the mailboard) and let me know
> > > if they get any output like:
> > > 
> > > omap-keypad: Spurious key event x-y
> > > 
> > > where x and y are numbers? I'm wondering if I've messed a cable up
> > > putting mine back together or if it just has something odd for some of
> > > the keys.
> > 
> > Pressing 'q' gives me
> > 
> > omap-keypad: Spurious key event 4-3
> > omap-keypad: Spurious key event 4-3
> Great. Sounds like I just need to reset my cables and then I can finish
> the keymap.

Or, actually, it was more simple and I'd just forgotten the terminating
0 on the keymap table.


is my updated patch against Mark's initial patch.

Main features are:

* A more fully mapped omap-keypad table - all the letters and the
  numbers on the keypad should work now (any idea how to test this? I
  couldn't see a /dev file to easily ready to be sure it was outputting
  the right things.)
* NAND flash driver - the mtd partitions table is still in flux, but I
  have / mounted off a jffs2 partition on my E3 now. Note that doing
  this seems to make PBL unhappy when it does its scan through flash;
  it'll stop and just sit there, but pbltool still works fine.
* A start at LCD support. I know Mark is working on this, but LCD stuff
  touches latch2 which is also used by the NAND, so I started on this.
  I'm not getting anything though; possibly the clock rates are the

I'd like to see the LCD stuff finished; Mark, any input you have or work
you've done would be good to see.


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