[E3-hacking] e3 won't boot

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> From: Cliff Lawson <clawson at amstrad.com>
> Date: 2006/02/20 Mon AM 09:24:38 GMT
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> Subject: RE: [E3-hacking] e3 won't boot
> Umm, silly question but did your "<modify params in block2.mod>" involve
> fixing up the CRC? If it didn't the PBL won't recognise it as valid and it
> looks like you erased the other MEM/PARMS/LDR from the flash so it has
> nothing to fallback to.
> Cliff
There is a chance that I got the checksum wrong, but I thought that replacing the original block would get me back to a booting machine.

But, on further investigation, it seems like I've erased the next flash block as well!

Scanning from  0x00404000 I find 3 PBL blocks:
MEM (length 0x100)
PARAMS (length 0x184)
LDR (length 0x6648)

So that means the LDR goes into the next flash block, but on my machine 0x00408000 to 0x0040BFFF has been erased.

Any chance that someone could send me an image of the 16k that I seem to have erased?


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> > > > ./pbltool readflash 0x4000 0x400 block2
> > > > cp block2 block2.mod
> > > > <modify params in block2.mod>
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