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I just bought a couple of E2 emailers in the Post Office for £12.99 each.

I have read most of the archive posts from the last year and concluded that there is now a monitor program for the E2, and there has been some success in running C on the ARM 7.

I should like to enquire whether there has been any further work done on hi-jacking the software upgrade process, or diverting the emailer to call another server?

Any update infor on E2 activities would be appreciated - or should I go to Currys and buy an E3 ? ;-)

My interests in the E2 is to make a low cost platform suitable for the deaf-blind to communicate with one another, a sort of one to one chat keypad, with very large character fonts to suit the partially sighted.

With hour long evening and weekend calls on BT either free or 5.5p you could do a lot of one to one texting in an hour - very cheaply.

I have also been looking at alternative keypads for deaf-blind use, as qwerty can be a bit difficult, and resurrected the old 5 key "Microwriter" chord keypad, with a fair degree of success

I like the idea from the archives about putting an E3 in a plain box and making it available as a cheap platform for kids etc.  There was a project in India to do a sub-$100 laptop for school kids.

The low power requirements of the E2 of about 7 watts makes it a fraction of the power of a laptop - and the screen backlighting makes it possible to type messages with the lights out -  some kids might find that useful!


Ken Boak
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