[E3-hacking] writing to flash

mark mark at xenon-computing.com
Wed Feb 1 21:57:30 GMT 2006


Today I mostly got fed up with programming and decided to reflash the
kernel boot params.

It all went well until I rebooted. Now the phone loads up PBL but then
refuses to go any further.

I erased the flash block at a 16k boundry and rewrote, the address was

commands used were :

$ pbltool eraseflash  0x4000 1
$ pbltool writeflash  0x4000 data

If anyone can give me any info on how to restore it to its former
operation I would be grateful (although I do have a backup machine
arriving tomorrow hopefully).

I think I just noticed what happened.

pbltool adds 0x400000 to the address when reading or writing to flash
but doesn't when erasing.

So I am guessing that I've erased a block of flash I wasn't expecting to.

I'll wait for the other phone to turn up and hope that they have the
same flash contents.

But if anyone has any info that could help I would be grateful, anyway
PBL is still useable so I guess its back to programming.

It would be nice to know where I went wrong though.


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