[E3-hacking] emailer plus

Matt Evans matt at axio.ms
Wed Feb 1 10:45:54 GMT 2006

On 1 Feb 2006, at 00:13, David Given wrote:

> On Tuesday 31 January 2006 21:12, Matt Evans wrote:
> [...]
>> Basically it's possible to download/develop your own code on them
>> relatively easily.  However, linux-wise, we'll have to run uClinux as
>> the Sharp chip in use doesn't have a traditional MMU.  As far as I
>> know there hasn't been any movement on porting uClinux (someone
>> mentioned they had half a port in the works, and I'd also made a  
>> half-
>> arsed start at it).
> Minix 3 might also be a viable option; it should run a whole lot  
> better in the
> very limited RAM, and it's much more limited process model should  
> be able to
> cope with a non-MMU-based system.

Excuse my suspicion ( ;-) ), but I was considering uClinux because:

- It currently runs on ARM7 devices (though not the LH79531, but it's  
- There is hope of not having to write a USB stack myself (and  
there's driver for the Cypress USB host chip)

:)  So I think I/people would find uCLinux more immediately useful  
(networking, USB, etc.) though having said that Minix 3 does look  
interesting (in a future-developments sense).  Keep us posted on the  
port! :):)


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