[E3-hacking] [PATCH] sound support

Matt Callow mc-lists at tesco.net
Sat Apr 29 19:08:04 BST 2006

Mark Underwood wrote:

>Here (at last!) the Voice Modem sound patch. The driver is an ALSA driver and it along with OSS
>emulation and a few other things will need to be enable if you want any sound. I have tested it
>with rawrec/rawplay and mpg321 which can't seem to decode the MP3 quick enough (tested with a
>192KB MP3).
Nice work Mark. Patch applied without problems. I tested playback using
mpd and madplayer (both use libmad) and it seems to decode mp3s without
problems (as reported by others). I've not tested capture yet.

A few questions/observations:

1. The sound comes out of the handset. Is that expected?
2. The sound is very distorted - are other people experiencing this?


(P.S. it seems to mess up my camera driver once I've installed the sound
modules, but that could well be a problem with the camera driver)

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