[E3-hacking] Problems with Mailboard keymap

David J. Singer doc at deadvirgins.org.uk
Thu Apr 27 18:59:28 BST 2006

I've just tried the pre-built kernel image "uImage-2.6.16-omap2-e3"
from http://the.earth.li/pub/e3/2.6.16/  which I believe has Matt Callow's
mailboard patch applied.

The mailboard gives me strange results...  I can't get the forward slash
to work, and some of the "shifted" symbols on the number keys 
generate the wrong symbol.

I've missed something haven't I..?  Do I need to setup a keymap under 
Linux to get this working?  Or should it generate the right keys 
straight out of the box?

David J. Singer
doc at deadvirgins.org.uk
"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

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