[E3-hacking] Trying to load u-boot from NAND.

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Mon Apr 24 17:51:43 BST 2006

As I've discussed on IRC I've been trying to write a simple 2nd stage
bootloader that PBL will load from NAND that will then load u-boot. An
uncompressed PBL block seems to have a limit of 16k, which is far too
small for u-boot and I don't want to get into replacing PBL with u-boot
entirely without JTAG.

Anyway. While I can init serial and flash the LEDs, I don't seem to be
able to manage to even ident the NAND. My code isn't a lot different
from the NAND code I wrote for u-boot and the kernel, so I'm not quite
sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried a dumb loop as a delay, as well as
the cleverer timer based delay routines that u-boot uses. But I don't
think this should be the problem, as as long as the delay is the minimal
length it shouldn't matter if it's more?

The code is at:


It's rough and ready, but please, someone tell me what blindingly
obvious thing I'm missing that means it doesn't work!


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