[E3-hacking] Mailboard keymap

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sat Apr 15 00:03:18 BST 2006

Enclosed is a Linux kernel keymap that ought to get the mailboard properly
up and running.

It ought to support every face key on the device, including the Symbol keys
and the accents. It *doesn't*, however, support the ° accent, because the
Linux kernel doesn't support that (that I know of).

Non-obvious features:

- the special keys along the top row become function keys, except FAX which
is unmapped. It's just too useful to have 10 function keys (because it
makes it obvious what SHIFT+function and CTRL+function are supposed to do).
Any suggestions?

- STOP is ESCAPE, as with Matt's low-level AT keyboard mapping.

respectively; the first two because it makes the mailboard more comfortable
to use for PC users, and the latter to make the yellow glyphs work.

- The mailboard is missing glyphs for | and, oddly, } --- SYMBOL+8 produces
 {, which makes that a very strange omission. I've mapped those to SYMBOL+P
and SYMBOL+O respectively. What else have I forgotten?

- I've completely ignored the keypad on the main device, as the mapping
seems to be unfinished, and the range of keycodes it uses seems to overlap
incompatibly with the mailboard's anyway. I'm not sure what could be done
about those.

I hope this is useful to someone; you can now do things like, say, type in
URLs or switch virtual consoles, which you couldn't do before. I've almost
certainly forgotten stuff. Feel free to prod me.

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